The Doerak is a type of steel motorboat for recreational sailing with a diesel engine. The design was made by Dick Lefeber for the Eista Werf. The name Doerak was chosen by the yard's staff after considering a dozen other options. The prototype that was shown at HISWA resulted in 19 contracts being signed. Between 1964 and 1982, approximately 2500 Doerak boats of various sizes and models were built. Due to the location of the yard in NL-Nederhemert-Zuid, the boats were built on carts and then transported via a short route to the Maas to be launched.

The success of the Doerak was due to a combination of factors, including excellent sailing characteristics, stability and a fairly straight-ahead character, which made the boat easy to handle, even for novice skippers. The low clearance and shallow draft allowed the boat to pass under most bridges, despite its limited size. The boat's interior was spacious for its time and the value for money was favorable due to efficient series production.

Development started in 1964 with the Doerak 850, followed by successive models such as the Doerak 1050, 950, 700, 750, 780, 650 and 600. The numbers in the model names refer to the length in centimeters. For example, the dimensions of the Doerak 650 were 6.50 meters long, 2.73 meters wide and had a draft of 0.60 meters. An addition such as AK stood for the same ship, but with an aft cabin instead of an open cockpit. GSAK stood for an enclosed wheelhouse with an aft cabin, while PAV referred to a pavilion model with a full-width aft cabin, eliminating side decks. An enlarged version of the Doerak was sold under the name Marak.

The Doerak ships were later built and sold by Pro Aqua from NL-Meppel and Doerak Sneek from NL-Sneek.

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