motor sailer

A motor sailer is a type of sailing boat equipped with both a sail and a motor propulsion. It combines the features of a sailing boat and a motorboat, making it a versatile craft that can be used in a variety of conditions.

The main feature of a motor sailer is the presence of a sailing plan, including mast(s) and sails, which allows it to take advantage of the wind to propel itself without using the engine. This makes it possible to save fuel and enjoy the experience of sailing. In addition, a motor sailer also has an engine on board, usually a diesel, that allows it to sail when there is little or no wind, or to provide extra power when needed, such as when maneuvering in harbors or in bad weather conditions.

The hull shape of a motor sailer is usually a compromise between the characteristics of a sailboat (narrow, fast hull) and a motorboat (wide, stable hull). This allows a motor sailer to provide reasonable sailing performance while providing a comfortable and stable platform for powerboat-like activities, such as longer trips or carrying extra equipment.

Motor sailers are often used by sailors who want the flexibility to sail when the conditions are right, but also want the reliability of an engine when needed. They are suitable for long distances and can be used for coastal cruising, island hopping or even long distance crossings. With a motor sailer sailors can enjoy the best of both worlds: the peace and serenity of sailing and the reliability and control of a motorboat.

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