Motor Tjalk - Dutch Barge

A Motortjalk Dutch Barge is a type of inland vessel that was originally used for freight and passenger transport on the inland waterways of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It is a flat-bottomed sailing ship that was developed in the 19th century and later equipped with an engine for propulsion.

A Motortjalk Dutch Barge has a characteristic shape with a rectangular or elongated cargo hold, a relatively wide and flat bottom and a very low draft. The dimensions can vary, but in general Motortjalk Dutch Barge is between 15 and 30 meters long and have a load capacity of several tens of tons.

The ship has a solidly built hull, usually of iron or steel, to withstand the harsh conditions of inland waterways. It has a low air draft, which allows it to pass under low bridges.

Over the years, many motor barges have been converted into pleasure yachts, charter ships (brown fleet) and sailing houseboats. They offer a combination of historic charm and comfortable accommodation. The cargo hold is often rebuilt into a spacious and attractive living space, while retaining original features such as the rudder, masts and sails.

Motortjalk Dutch Barges are now mainly used as pleasure craft for inland waterways and canals. They are prized for their stability, maneuverability and the ability to sail under sail as well as under engine power. Their nostalgic appearance and historical value make them popular with lovers of traditional ships and sailors who enjoy the peace and beauty of sailing on inland waterways.

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